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Singing ‘The shadow of your smile’ – reached 200,000PV on FB. -「いそしぎ(The shadow of your smile)」演奏動画20万回再生になりました。

My rendition performance video of  ‘The shadow of your smile’  has reached 200 thousands views.

Performed by;  Sadahiko Nakamura(vocal), Yuko Ohashi(piano), Misa Wakabayashi(bass) and Nobuyoshi Takahashi(drums).

Thank you for listening and thousands of nice comments and sharings from all over the world after having posted on 1st October 2015.


facebook で世界に発信中の「いそしぎ(The shadow of your smile)」演奏動画。2015年10月以来、世界各国からの再生回数が20万回を超えました!


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