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Pre-annoucement of the new CD release commemorating concert on October 2016 – New CD titled “Sadahiko Mellow & Tender” リリース記念ライブ予告。

Commemorating concert of the release of the new CD album “Sadahiko Mellow & Tender” will be set on 29/10/2016.

  • Date(scheduled): 2016/10/29(Sat)
  • Time(scheduled): Open 17:00pm   Start 17:30 End 19:30
  • Performed by: Sadahiko Nakamura(vocal&guitar), Yuko Ohasi(piano), Aya Yoda(violin), Misa Wakabayashi(bass), Nobuyoshi Takahashi(drums)
  • Place: Ginza Lounge Zero(Tokyo)

Further details will be announced soon.



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