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「再会」ご試聴いただけます!A pick-up listening from new CD album – Saikai ( I could never forget you )

Here is a short version of my new rendition “Saikai (I could never forget you)”, which is contained in my newly released CD album titled “Mellow&Tender”

Performed by: Sadahiko Nakamura(vocal & guitar), Yuko Ohashi(piano), Aya Yoda(violin), Misa Wakabayashi(acoustic bass), Nobuyoshi Takahashi(drums).

I hope you like it.

「再会」:中村さだひこ(vo & g)、大橋祐子(p)、依田彩(v)、若林美佐(b)、高橋延吉(d)

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Saikai (I could never forget you)” – trial listening version.

・Official HP:
・iTunes/Apple Music Store :
・In many countries, Amazon distributes songs of Sadahiko Nakamura. Just search ‘Sadahiko Nakamura’ in Amazon.

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  1. Norio Matsuki -

    Not hearing yet….sorry, i’ll try to search and listen ”再開”….from now. Thank you for posting nice your song and voice. Have a nice day.


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