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Sending ‘And I Love You So’ to my dear overseas listeners!! ‘And I love you so’ お聴きください。

‘And I love you so’ – 下記の▶をクリックしてお聴きください!! イヤフォンかヘッドフォンでお聴きください。

In my radio DJ programme of tomorrow, I will send you my rendition of  “And I Love You So” contained in my latest CD album “Mellow&Tender”. For my dear overseas listners, I herewith attach its MP3 version. Enjoy it and I hope you like it!! Please listen with your earphone or headphone for getting real music!!

This rendition is performed by; Sadahiko Nakamura(vo), Yuko Ohashi(piano), Aya Yoda(violin), Misa Wakabayashi(acoustic bass), Nobuyoshi Takahashi(drums).

“And I love you so” ↓↓↓

・Country Road(John Denver)
・Act Naturally (Buck Owens)
・And I Love You So(Sadahiko Nakamura)
ラジオ日本 AM1422kHz 21:00pm~
And I Love You Soの演奏は、piano大橋祐子、violin依田彩、bass若林美佐、drums高橋延吉です。


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