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My rendition of ‘Yesterday when I was young’ has reached 60,000 FB views! 「帰り来ぬ青春」FB演奏動画、6万回再生!

My rendition of  one of the most popular songs, ‘Yesterday when I was young’  , has reached 60,000 views on youtube!

Thank you for viewing and listening!!


‘Yesterday when I was young’ (in Japanese lyrics), performed by; Sadahiko Nakamura(vocal), Yuko Ohashi(piano), Aya Yoda(violin)、Misa Wakabayashi(bass), Nobuyoshi Takahashi(drums).

演奏:中村さだひこ(voval)、大橋祐子(piano)、依田彩(violin)、若林美佐(bass) 、高橋延吉(drums).

I hope you like it!


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